White Tiger Description

  • White tiger is not a subspecies of a tiger instead it is born as a result of inbreeding and outcrossing.
  • The last of the white tigers was sighted in 1958 in the wild. Today all white tigers are bred in captivity.
  • Many white tigers born with genetic defects such as crossed eyes neural disorder. This happens mostly when Bengal tigers are crossed with Siberian tigers.
  • Sometimes they are also born with no stripes on their bodies.
  • White bengal tigers reach the full size at 2 to 3 years age.
  • Lately they have become the attraction for zoo visitors.
  • Both parents must possess unusual gene if it were to born white Bengal tiger. The probability is like one in ten thousand births.
white tiger
White Siberian Tigers in a zoo

Size and Weight


  • LENGTH: 3 meters
  • WEIGHT: 200 – 230 kg


  • LENGTH: 130 – 170 kg
  • WEIGHT: 2.5 meters

Where in Captivity?

India, Algeria, Portugal, Trinidad, Africa, Hungary, Europe, Caribbean

Physical Features

Black stripes over white coat just like zebras.

Genetic Defect

Many white tigers are born with genetic defect and thus they should go extinct in near future

When in Stress

All white tigers cross their eyes when they are confused