Scientific Classification

There is no scientific classification of white lion because it is not a subspecies of lion. Similarly the white lion does not have a scientific name.

White Lion Description

  • The white lion is not an albino. It gets its white color from a recessive gene that causes albinism probably the same gene that causes white tigers.
  • Both male and female must carry a recessive gene to give birth to a white lion.
  • Zoo keepers are mainly concerned with producing white lions not only to attract visitors but also saving white lions from extinction. They do so by mating white lions with colored cats.
  • Biologists believe that the inbreeding of white lions is illegal and as such they should not be introduced into the wild.
  • The Kruger National Park is the main hub where white lions are born.
  • They are thought to be originated naturally in the Kruger Park and Greater Timbavati.
  • The white color does not seem to affect the lifespan of a lion.
White Lion
White Lion

Size & Weight



  • TOTAL-LENGTH: 8.5 – 10 feet
  • WEIGHT: 330 – 530 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 4 feet


  • TOTAL-LENGTH: 5 – 6 feet
  • WEIGHT: 270 – 400 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 3.6 feet


Savannah, desert, woodlands


South Africa (southern Kruger National Park, Greater Timbavati), France (Jurques Zoo), Serbia (Belgrade Zoo), Canada (Toronto Zoo), Pakistan (Karachi Zoo), Cyprus (Pafos Zoo), Singapore Night Safari, Georgia (Tbilisi Zoo), Hungary (Magan Zoo), Mexico (Reino Animal), Malaysia (Wildlife Park of Sunway Lagoon)


Reptiles, small birds, hares, hoofed mammals


18 years (wild)