Scientific Classification

Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
Genus Bubo
Class Aves
Scientific Name Bubo bubo omissus
turkoman eagle owl
Turkoman eagle owl ©

Other Names

Turkmenian eagle-owl

Turkoman Eagle-owl Description

  • The coloration of a turkoman eagle-owl is buffy off-yellow.
  • There is a dark cross-pattern on its belly.

Size & Weight

  • HEIGHT: 580 mm to 710 mm
  • WING CHORD: (Male) 404–450 mm (15.9–17.7 in) (Female) 425 to 460 mm (16.7 to 18.1 in)




Mountainous forest, semi-desert, rocky slopes


Large birds, mammals, roe deer fawns, hedgehogs, hares, crabs, frogs, rabbits