Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Proboscidea
Family Elephantidae
Genus Mammuthus
Species M. trogontherii
Scientific Name Mammuthus trogontherii or Mammuthus armeniacus
steppe mammoth
Steppe Mammoth

Other Names

Mammuthus armeniacus, Mammuthus Sungari, Mammuthus protomammonteus, M. trogontherii chosaricus

Steppe Mammoth Description

  • The steppe mammoth lived 600,000-370,000 years ago during the Middle Pleistocene period.
  • It was larger than other mammoths but smaller than the Asian straight-tusked elephant.

Size and Weight


  • SHOULDER HEIGHT: 3.89–4.5 m (12.8–14.8 ft)
  • WEIGHT: 10.4–14.3 metric tons (11.5–15.8 short tons)
  • TUSK LENGTH: 2 meters (17 ft)


  • SHOULDER HEIGHT: 3.7 meters (12 ft)
  • WEIGHT: 7 tonnes
  • LENGTH: 7 meters (23 ft)
  • TUSK LENGTH: 7 meters (8.9 ft)


Siberia, northern Eurasia

Conservation Status