Scientific Classification

Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
Genus Bubo
Class Aves
Scientific Name Bubo bubo yenisseensis
eastern siberian eagle owls
Eastern Siberian eagle owls ©flickr/ Drobbie5

Eastern Siberian Eagle-owl Description

The color of the eastern Siberian eagle owls is darker and yellowish as compared to the western subspecies.

Size & Weight

  • HEIGHT: 580 mm to 710 mm
  • WING CHORD: (Males) 435–470 mm (17.1–18.5 in) (Females) 473–518 mm (18.6–20.4 in)


Central Siberia (Lake Baikal, Yenisei River, Khangai Mountains, northwestern Mongolia (Tannu Tuva)


Mountainous forests, rocky slopes, semi-deserts


Large birds, mammals, roe deer fawns, hedgehogs, hares, crabs, frogs, rabbits