Scientific Classification

Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae
Genus Equus
Subspecies  E. q. burchellii
Class Mammalia
Scientific Name Equus quagga burchellii
Burchell's Zebra
Burchell’s Zebra

Other Names

Bontequagga, Damara zebra, Zululand zebra

Burchell’s Zebra Description

  • Unique among its features is that it has couple of shadow stripes between bold stripes.
  • The Burchell’s zebra makes the longest migration of any terrestrial animal in Africa.
  • They are thought to cover as much as 160 miles in one way migration.
  • They are the closest relative of Quagga.

Size & Weight


  • SHOULDER HEIGHT: 3 to 1.4 meters
  • WEIGHT: 300-320 Kg
  • EAR LENGTH: 160 – 170 mm


  • WEIGHT: 30-35 Kg


Savanna woodland, grassland plains


Swaziland, southern Botswana, Kaokoveld, Etosha,


1 foal

Weaning Period

11 months

Gestation Period

360-390 days